Welcome to MEKOS! Here you can find the tire you want with more quality you need.



Petlas success is based on its people. They respect the personnel rights of every individual. They treat each other with respect and dignity. They work together with individuals of various cultures, religions, ages, disabilities. They do not discriminate on the basis of race, gender, sexual orientation, age, pregnancy, caste, disability, union membership, ethnicity, religious beliefs or any other factors protected by law.



Our Values

  1. Quality / Cilesi

    We offer the best product for your vehicles. Let us provide you with high end quality tires from one of the greatest production companies of tires.
    You can select between a big range of product to choose the best for your vehicle , with the best prize.

  2. Technology / Teknologji

    Petlas tires are concepted and produced with the latest technology providing security, performance and duration.
    The high end technology used to build the tires is focused to secure you a safe journey.

  3. Support / Ndihme

    Call us anytime you want and our team will give you support 24/7.

    At Mekos customer is the main focus.

  4. All range of tires / Te gjitha llojet e gomave

    At our store you can find all the range of tires you want. Tires for passanger car, suv 4×4, busses, trucks, industrial tires etc.
    Call us , email us and visit our website to get the latest information about our products.